What it’s like to have a spouse in the army?

Wedding is always an exciting event. It signifies love, oneness, journey and commitment. It is one celebration that should be worth reminiscing forever. But, if you are going to be married to somebody in the army, the event can be more challenging. Firstly, soldiers, male and female, would always put duty above their selves first, and they don’t have all the pleasure to go wherever they want to go and spend many months on honeymoon because they have a high ranking officer and the so-called call of duty status that they should abide. After all, army people are already committed to the country before anything else. Frightening? Not really if you love your spouse that much that you can understand his or her job. Nevertheless, here’s some points to ponder when you have finally decide to say “I do” to your love in the army.

First of all, be prepared to play the role of a father/mother/husband/wife if you are planning to marry somebody in the army. It is always apparent that soldiers will leave their families and will be assigned to far-flung areas or responsibilities of duty. And take note that they may leave in a month or more, which can be really tiring. In other words, you should be patient and hardworking enough to comply with the duties mentioned above without compromising the attention and the love that your kids need.

Secondly, it is too difficult to plan for celebrations because your army spouse will have to ask for a leave first and wait for it to be approved before you can actually fix a date that you and your spouse can come together for the event. In fact, some married couples find this fact really irritating and supposedly exciting celebration turn sour because of call of duty. Hence, you should have the patience and all the understanding that you can muster when hubby says goodbye in time for a special family event.

Thirdly, your spouse can be sent to alarming areas like Iraq, Afghanistan and so on. This can mean his or her death in due time. Dealing with such fact and worry can be really frustrating and unbearable. Some spouses love to make their selves busy during this time of crisis at home.

Certainly, marrying somebody in the army is never an easy decision, but you need to persevere and do all you can to maintain the marriage. Marriage in the army should not hinder you from finally wearing your dream chiffon wedding dresses or simple wedding dresses. It should not stop you from making a family with the best person that you have met. After all, it’s about how you understand and accept your other half that matters, so you can also accept his or her duty.

The happy newly married couple in the picture had their wedding ceremony in April, 2012. The picture was taken by Mike Russell’s wedding studio and the bride’s dress was purchased at Bridesire.com.

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